Growing Pains

Growing up… The time where you leave the nest, spread your wings and venture out on your own. The moment when you are your own person and can finally decide when you want to go to bed, if you want to leave your house a mess or be a neat freak. I dreamed of that day when I was a child. I dreamed of a time where rules went out the window and I could eat my dessert before I ate dinner, I could play video games all day and no one would say anything about it,  and last but not least I could hang out with who I wanted whenever I wanted. The fantasy and the reality are 2 very different things though. The joys of growing up definitely outweigh the pains, but the fact remains growing up isn’t quite what I expected. Needless to say I wouldn’t change anything about it. The pains of growing up are a part of life and something that it seems fewer and fewer people are able to handle. It seems that when faced with adversity or struggles people typically revert to their childish ways of thinking instead of taking responsibility and managing the situation like an adult. You can still have good time but responsible thinking should be paramount in your life. It is true that you reap what you sow. If you invest in making a good decisions while you are young, your older self will thank you and benefit from those good decisions.

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