I love seeing what other musicians are using to create their tones and sounds, so I figured I would post what I am using as well in case anyone that I know (or may not know) is interested. Here goes…


G&L ASAT Tribute Tele. Love this guitar. I’ve had it for about 10 years and it just feels so comfortable to me.

Pedal Board (in order)


Boss TU-2. It keeps me in tune. Probably the most important pedal on my board.

Syod v1

Bearfoot FX Sparkling Yellow OD v1. Just recently got this but I really like it for lead lines and single note picking. Very dynamic with great string clarity.


Mad Professor Little Green Wonder. Great sounding OD that really adds a great fullness to my sound. Great for single coils which is all I use.



Ernie Ball VP JR. Makes me louder and quieter. Mine is modded by T1M with a buffer and a blue LED that makes me look twice as cool as I really am.


Boss DD-20. Absolutely fantastic bang for your buck delay. It sounds great and has enough presets to get the job done.


Strymon blueSky reverberator. Sounds amazing! A little on the pricy side but the build quality is solid and the sound is unbeatable. Plus there is a favorite switch so it’s like having two pedals in one.

Out of the pedal board into a…


Vox AC15C1. I’ve always been inspired by Brian May’s tone and he primarily used Vox amps. Though the AC15 isn’t exactly like the old 64′ Vox AC30’s Brian May used, it sounds great and is more than loud enough.


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